International Academic Student Program - Study abroad, live with a Japanese family in Osaka, Japan

Konnichi wa!

Paul Alexy with students OGSHS has a unique ability to shape provide the essential self-confidence to lift you into a leadership role on the world stage. Perhaps it’s the challenges of doing international business or tackling important issues which impact people who are unable to speak for themselves that most appeal to you. Our international program can provide the opportunities for young ladies from 15 to 19 years of age to acquire these skills and the highly sought after prerequisite, personal qualities. But what are the specific qualities that led to the highest personal fulfillment and achievement? Academic excellence, S.A.T. scores, degrees from prestigious schools, second (or more) language acquisition, world travel do not correlate highly with either. The traits that do make a significant difference are not clearly understood--although "Brain Science" provides some clues: the ability to both understand and inspire others, "reading the air" and responding to underlying social patterns, knowing how to build and keep trusting relationships over time, recognizing and correcting your own shortcomings, imagining alternative futures and combining diverse ideas in new combinations. After 15 years of hosting international students, many of our former students say that OGSHS's greatest gift was simply helping them to decide what things are really important.

As the relentless drumbeat of the daily media reports drive home, we live in an age when the causes of terrorism and conflict have become extremely complex and increasingly based on long-term hatreds within communities. The need for imaginative organizational and communication skills essential for critical decision making in an environment where the choices are imperfect is of paramount importance. The scale and urgency of these challenges are a huge part of their appeal. The OGSHS international program can provide you with the framework to acquire these skills.

If you think OGSHS might fit into your future dreams, please contact us directly for more detailed information. We do not use recruiting agencies. Getting to know you personally from the start helps us provide you with the maximum in personal support.

We warmly welcome you to join us!

Paul Alexy
English Teacher
Member, International Student Program Committee
Osaka Girls’ Senior High School

International Academic Student Program - Study abroad, live with a Japanese family in Osaka, Japan

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"Summer of 2008 (July 6th thru August 31st): Overseas Recruiting Visits to the following cities:

Bangkok, Yangon, Kathmandu, Calcutta, Istanbul, Khartoum, Tripoli, Rome, Cologne, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Washington D.C., Atlanta, Charleston (South Carolina), San Diego.

Exact dates and time will be available after July 4th. It would be my pleasure to meet and chat with you about OGSHS's international program and your expectations during your stay in Japan.