International Academic Student Program - Study abroad, live with a Japanese family in Osaka, Japan

Konnichi Wa!

Thank you very much for visiting our web site. Whoever you are and wherever you may be from, it is so nice to know you are interested in Japanese culture, language, and our school. Studying in Japan will give you the opportunity to learn or improve the Japanese language, to meet lots of new people, to let you think more carefully about your own culture, to widen your world view, and, in all probability, to confront and overcome difficulties. But through it all, you will become a more independent, confident person with vastly improved interpersonal skills. Isn't it wonderful to imagine how you will be able to make the best use of what you have?

I am Akiko Masuda, one of the staff members here at OGSHS. Along with other staff members, I will support you with all my knowledge and effort. I also have had experience studying abroad and understand how different a new culture with diverse ways of thinking can be. However, I also know that with patience, tolerance and insight, we can truly learn to understand and delight in each other.

Osaka is a place where new and old meet. Except for the year I studied abroad, I have lived here all my life. Of course, there are numerous, breathtaking buildings and fashionable shopping malls. We also have traditional values and customs and an exquisite language (the Osaka dialect), as well as fascinating historic sites to visit. In addition, you can reach Nara and Kyoto very easily to visit well-known travel spots. The Yoshino-Kumano area, one of the world’s treasures, is a fabulous day trip. The opportunities to satisfy your wanderlust and curiosity are boundless. We would be really happy if you decide to join us. "Seeing is believing", but experiencing is more than believing.

Akiko Masuda
Coordinator of Student Satisfaction
Osaka Girls’ Senior High School

International Academic Student Program - Study abroad, live with a Japanese family in Osaka, Japan

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