International Academic Student Program - Study abroad, live with a Japanese family in Osaka, Japan
International Academic Student Program - Study abroad, live with a Japanese family in Osaka, Japan

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World History A Physical Education
World History B  Health
Geography Physical Education I A
Museum Survey Physical Education I B
Map Study ART & MUSIC
World Studies with Video Music I
Current International Situations Art I
Art II
Modern Society Calligraphy I
Mathematics I Music II A
Mathematics II Music II B
Basic Mathematics HOME ECONOMICS
Mathematics I A Home Economics Synthesis
Mathematics Practice I Human Development/Child Care
SCIENCE Juvenile Culture
Science Synthesis A Home Nursing
Chemistry I Cooking and Its Theory
Biology I Clothing
Basic Science BUSINESS
Physics I A Abacus
Environmental Issues PC Operation
WELFARE Basic Penmanship
Social Welfare Basics FOREIGN LANGUAGE
Social Welfare Support Skills Chinese*
Social Welfare System English
Basic Medicine for Nursing  I French*
Nihongo Italian*
Nihongo Notation Japanese**
Research A Spanish*
Research C Intensive, S.A.T.*  
International Research  

*Lessons in these languages are available at a small additional cost. Please indicate on your essay which of these you wish to study.

**The Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) is an examination given by the Association of International Education every year in Osaka in early December. The test focuses on vocabulary, reading, listening, and grammar. Students can take it at four levels, from beginner (level 4) to advanced (level 1).
IMPORTANT: OGSHS strongly recommends that you take this exam. The JLPT is an internationally recognized measure of your skills. Teachers will discuss expectation levels with you on your arrival. The total fee is about 8,000 yen and must be sent by September 2nd.
*** Please beware that depending on student interest levels, some courses may not be offered.


Students are responsible for the advance planning needed to receive credit in the United States for courses taken in Osaka. Guidance counselors in the United States understand how helpful a year abroad can be to a student and will work with her to explore different ways of completing credits needed for graduation. Within the Japanese educational system, students are given credits ONLY after they have completed a year of study. After completing a semester's work, OGSHS can provide only a grade report (class hours, detailed course descriptions, teachers' comments, etc.) but NOT official credits. This grade report may or may not be accepted for credits by the international student's home high school.

Before Applying

Meet with your guidance counselor and get your high school’s guidelines for receiving credit overseas.

Before Leaving for Japan

Meet with your high school guidance counselor about the courses you plan to take at Osaka Girls’ Senior High School. Determine which courses you will receive credit for. Determine what classes you will have to take at your high school before and after your time in Japan. (For example, you might need to take one course in summer school after you return to fulfill all requirements.) Find out what information your school needs before you leave. Also, find out what information your school needs when you return.

While You Are in Japan

The more similar the content of courses at your high school and ones at Osaka Girls’ Senior High School, the more likely you will be to get credit. Math and science are often similar. Bring back examples of work completed during courses in Japan. OGSHS will provide an official transcript showing all completed work.

Curriculum Mismatches

Even with international curriculums, some mismatches are inevitable. Our students usually find that the advantages of learning in a multi-cultural environment far outweigh the disadvantages of curriculum mismatches. As one of our recent international students wrote after returning home, "I now think about larger world issues, not just about going to the mall". In the end, academic losses are most likely reversible. The gains students experience in confidence, personal limits and cross-cultural growth will serve them the rest of their lives.

nternational Academic Student Program - Study abroad, live with a Japanese family in Osaka, Japan

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