International Academic Student Program - Study abroad, live with a Japanese family in Osaka, Japan
International Academic Student Program - Study abroad, live with a Japanese family in Osaka, Japan
Osaka Girls' Senior High School, Osaka, Japan


For the first time in our nearly 90 year history, OGSHS is now becoming a co-educational high school. Regret that our international program now is "on hold" --including international male students.

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"Whatever you can do, or dream you can do, just begin it. Boldness has genius, power and--if you are lucky--magic in it" (W.H. Murray)

Come be an International Student at the Osaka Girls' Senior High School!

378,000 Japanese yen-- January 1st until March 20th

502,425 Japanese yen-- August 26th until December 20th or April 1st until July 20th

1,242,150 Japanese yen-- August 26th until July 20th

Contact us in October for updated information about the April and September, 2013 terms. We are especially looking for international students with a strong interest in becoming a part of our musical program.

OGSHS is not suitable for everyone. Please do not become discouraged but research other paths to Japan
that may--even better-- suit you, as did Ms. Sarah DicksonFor one term, Sarah saved over $3,000 USD!

A quick glance at OGSHS...

1. Following the tragic events of March 11th ,2011, many foreigners thought it prudent to leave Japan. In the unlikely event a similar situation should again arise, you will be put on the first available flight home and the remainder of your tuition will be refunded.
2. Happily, many of our former international students have acquired scholarships to study in Japanese universities or are continuing their Japanese study at top schools. Currently (July, 2010) our former OGSHS students are now full- time students at Tokyo University, Sophia University, Keio University and the University of Hawaii. Two are now at Harvard with Lucia doing a summer, broadcast internship at Okayama. Yes. High achieving students can thrive at OGSHS. Most of our students, however, are not robotic, study machines only focusing laser-like on the next exam. Come and really enjoy Japan!
3. You will need to pass a phone exam showing your "basic" Japanese skills.
4. "Gap year", homeschoolers and special needs students, are encouraged to apply. Immigration requires additional procedures and information, however. For details, please write giving phone number and best time(s) you may be reached.
5. Regretably we can't provide financial assistance or scholarships at this time. (see
6. Transferring credits back to your home school may be a problem but we'll try our best.
7. Once your application is received, any tuition increases will not apply to you. Apply early.
8. Your daily resourcefulness, flexibility, ability to independently problem solve, not jump to conclusions and cope with a high level of ambiguity are all essential.
9. Although it's an idea that delights us, one-term students wanting to extend through the entire school year no longer have this option due to Immigration complications.
10. If you require a significant "Bubble" or "Island" zone while in Japan via a large, international recruiting agency or at an international school tethered to home via Skype, Google Chat and Facebook for four hours a night while surrounding yourself with "comfortable", non-Japanese friends, please do NOT apply to OGSHS. If, however, you and your parent(s) and friends can limit the 28 hours of communication a week to just a couple of hours on weekends, can resist the temptation to hang out with compatriots, want to return home with a deep improvement in your Japanese language, actual achievement and a first-hand understanding of Japanese culture, we welcome your application. In addition, we welcome the opportunity to partner closely with "helicopter parents". We understand the time and financial sacrifice you are providing your daughter and we must be held accountable for her well-being. "Snowplow", hands-on, narcissistic, non-grown up, parental advocacy which micro-manages all OGSHS/host family challenges on a near 24/7 messaging, time-zones-be-damned basis, however....

Read on for more details....

The Osaka Girls’ Senior High School ( is a small, private, secondary school founded in 1929 in Osaka, one of Japan’s most dynamic cities and the largest city in the Kansai region. We’re only 80 minutes from Kyoto, a city with 17 World Heritage sites, and minutes from the multitude of other cities in Kansai. The close by wilderness in Yoshino Nature Center provides a beautiful connection to nature.

International high school students can come for a semester or a school year. You can enroll with a minimum of six months study of the Japanese language. A wide range of challenging subjects is taught. Cultural and sports clubs, as well as the option to do volunteer work in Osaka and internationally, increase cultural experiences and promote personal growth.

Contact us directly with any questions. We will happily support you -- step-by-step-- through the process to get your required "student visa" from Japanese Immigration. Teacher mentors and/or host family members will welcome you with open arms at the airport.

Jump-start an international career.

Live in and enjoy Japan's relative safety.

Be immersed in Japanes culture. A visual impression of OGSHS and Kansai

Develop independence, self-reliance, and tolerance.

Experience a rewarding gap year in Osaka --(some Immigration restrictions may apply).
Bettina, 2006, Switzerland


Bettina (Switzerland) now a student at Sophia University (Tokyo)

Learn Japanese, Chinese and intensive English.

Pay reasonable fees with no hidden costs.


After OGSHS, Amy, (New Zealand) attended Tokyo University and then on to Harvard University (Asian Studies).



below: RutabagaNoUta was an outstanding OGSHS student from September 1st, 2010 thru July 20th, 2011.

What's your dream? Just where are you headed in 2011-14? Sadly, it looks like you will be facing some incredibly tough times: Roughly $4,300 USD in wealth has now been lost for every man, women, and child on earth. Millions of people have lost their jobs, savings, homes, secure futures and millions more will. On a massive scale, networks based on a shared sense of trust and ethical values are now vulnerable. We at OGSHS are not crying wolf. The wolf is knocking at our door. But we also see in this crisis of values a golden opportunity-- an opportunity to re-commit ourselves to providing you an invaluable gift--the chance to immerse yourself in Japanese culture.

This is a culture that values group harmony, joy, the beauty of the understated gesture, careful, deliberate reasoning skills that respect others' feelings and fascinating approaches to shaping the character of its young people. In spite of the plunging expectations all around you, if your dreams include Japan, we are eager to use our experiences over these past 12 years of having international students to support you. Please work on your Japanese skill to pass the phone check with Ms. Akiko Masuda and then be a part of OGSHS. Help shape our Japanese students' future--and the world's.

" I am an International Baccalaureate graduate (26 points, which means I am quite average academically, by the way) I'm in Osaka for my gap year, so I can live the Japanese experience without any credit related stress. An option to consider due to the limited choices of subjects students have. I'll be here for a year and I already feel myself drenched in Japanese culture and learning - not just the studying kind (which I am taking seriously, as this IS a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity) but also the effortless kind. I'm having a lot of fun. I love my host family, the food, the culture...I'd like to tell everyone to seriously consider a gap year - either here at OGSHS or somewhere else. It is truly an enriching experience. (Leyre, Spain)
" "As the weeks fly by, I am obstinately ignoring the rapidly approaching halfway point of my study abroad experience in Japan. However, with all of the commuting, studying, singing (I joined the chorus club), exploring (and getting lost), shopping (Japanese goods are incredible), volunteering (as an English conversation partner at Kitano Hospital), and spending time with my host family, there's no time to think about how much time I have left!In all seriousness, I have never been so busy in my life: Despite being in more clubs in America, free time for me does not exist in Osaka. Not only must I study while juggling four alphabets at once (hiragana, katakana, kanji, and English), every weekend is packed with exciting activities set up by our enthusiastic, yet patient teachers. I've hiked up a mountain for seven hours to relax in an onsen, celebrated tea ceremony in yukata and lost leg circulation with other Osaka exchange students, performed in a 160-person chorus at an enormous cultural festival, and it has not even been two months!My favorite aspect of this program is without a doubt the host-family matching process. The host families have the final say and decide on a one-month basis if they want to keep you or not. Remarkably, we three exchange students have fit in so well with our host families that they have decided to let us stay for the durations of our studies! My host parents were "Okaasan" and "Otousan" by the second week.Of course, there is no such thing as a perfect school. Schedule conflicts do exist, and they might prevent you from taking classes that you would have liked to take. As frustrating as that may be, it is essential to remind yourself that there is so much to experience just by living in this amazing place. Example: I, who never traveled alone in America and took five minutes to insert a ticket into a machine, am close to mastering the art of the commute. Not only can I whip out and use my train pass in a flash, I am also capable of traveling and navigating by myself. There is everything to gain and nothing to lose. I have not regretted for a second coming to Japan through this wonderful program, and I know I will be terribly reluctant to return to my graduating high school class in New York."-Cassie, New York City, USA
" When first coming to Osaka, I was confident, smiley and outgoing-- especially when inflated by compliments and everyone's kindness. But after getting into a routine and once the novelty of the whole thing started to wear off, I began to notice the subtleties that set me apart from my (awesome) host family. I began to withdraw. I grew quiet and reserved, worried about judgment from others and making mistakes in the language. I didn't want to be different anymore, and felt that my downfalls were becoming a burden to my family. You come here to learn about the culture and people, and if you're lucky you'll find a bit of yourself along the way. But I realized that in the process you must loose yourself, too. It's a necessary evil--or perhaps not evil at all. It gives you a chance to step out of your shoes and try on some others. Now I laugh and joke and in all of my mistake-making and word-stumbling, I am learning and teaching and am at least content. Halfway through my time here so far, I'd say I'm growing in so many ways. (Caty, Texas, USA--2008) --Update: It's the summer of 2010 and I have again returned to Osaka to stay with my former OGSHS classmates.
" The time I spent at Osaka Girls' Senior High School had a more profound affect on my life than I could have ever imagined. I have been interested in Japan and Japanese culture since before I can remember. I spent most of my young life dreaming of the moment I would step into this country. And at age 17, OGSHS allowed me the opportunity to finally realize that dream. I went to Japan with the expectation of having fun...and maybe learning something. At the time, however, I didn't know what that was. I didn't realize how much my journey had changed me, how much I had learned and grown, until I was back in America. I noticed the difference as soon as I was off the airplane. As I re-inserted myself back into my city, my house, my family, the difference became more and more pronounced. My time in Japan clarified my goals for the future, taught me how to take care of myself, and prepared me for the next phase of my life. Living in a foreign country is not always easy. I had to learn to adapt to unfamiliar situations and to cope with the inevitable misunderstandings. I learned to connect with people who thought and lived differently than me. I became a part of a Japanese family, who I keep in contact with to this day and who have graciously offered me a home whenever I need it. I received so much kindness and support from the staff at OGSHS and from my wonderful host family. Most of all, what I learned in Japan is who I am. The next time I go to Japan, I will be going home. (Steph. USA, 2007 is heading back "home" for May and June of 2008)
" We had no idea that our daughter Kel's dream of living in Japan would come true when she was just 16. Any hesitation we may have had about sending her to a foreign country to live with strangers was quickly alleviated by the wonderful staff at OGSHS. Initially they helped us with the (somewhat tedious) application process via emails and phone calls to our home. Once our daughter arrived in Japan, students, her host family and the staff at OGSHS warmly welcomed her.A class schedule was tailor - made to fit her needs, and her Japanese skills started improving immediately! The cost of attending OGSHS was much less than our daughter's private school, and items such as uniforms and field trips were included in the fee...but not airfare. We are forever grateful to the staff at OGSHS for providing our daughter with this golden opportunity! She has toured a castle, ceramics factory, parks, Japanese gardens, and has hung-out at malls and an amusement park with girls from school. A day trip to Hiroshima and climbing Mt. Fuji in July are planned. A self-proclaimed "picky eater", Kel enjoyed a scrumptious barbacue over Golden Week hosted by her family and the variety of uniquely Japanese food as well as familiar old favorites. Her letters and calls home repeatedly tell of wonderful experiences and the desire to return to Japan in the future. We would recommend that any student who has a serious interest in Japan take time to contact one of their staff to find out more information and get started on the application process. This semester at OGSHS is helping our daughter grow more than we could ever imagine. (Mrs. Card, Colorado, USA)
" The only thing that made my daughter sad about OGSHS was that she couldn`t stay. You have a wonderful program there, but more importantly, you are kind and caring people. I could never find words enough to express my gratitude for the energy you put into being a partner with me." Mrs. Feyen, Wisconsin, USA
" From the time that Khali was in the first grade in the Japanese curriculum at The International School (Portland, OR), we expected her to spend one of her highschool years studying in Japan. We were so delighted when we found OGSHS in Osaka, a city I knew well from living there myself. For a year prior to Khali's enrollment, the school answered every question we had and really welcomed her application. Khali came to the school with strong Japanese studying in immersion and partial immersion programs for over 8 years. The OGSHS teachers went above and beyond to challenge Khali in her language acquisition and when she took the JLPT (Japanese Language Proficiency Test), she passed Level 3 with flying colors! Thanks so much, OGSHS! --(Tami, Portland, Oregon, USA)
" For over 18 months, "Two Worlds United" (TWU) had my application and money "on hold"--finally even advising me to forget about Japan and go to China! It was a heartbreaking time for me and my family. OGSHS waded thru this nightmare of indifference and now--after four months in Osaka with eight to go-- my life in Japan, Japanese language ability and spirit are soaring. OGSHS..Thanks for the rescue! (Ellen, USA)
" The thing I value most about my semester at OGSHS is the many friendships I made with Japanese students...And living with a host family, I was able to truely experience Japanese culture--firsthand. When the semester ended, it was hard to say 'good-bye' to my many new friends. My high school graduation present? Tickets back to Osaka to stay with OGSHS classmates before university."
(Alexa, USA, - National Merit Finalist, attended University of Michigan (honors program), a scholarship student at Tokyo University, 2007-2008)
"Osaka is a remarkable mix of the familiar and the exotically intriguing. Turn a corner and...well, you just never know! My dream of becoming a translator is solidly 'on-track' here at OGSHS."
(Cassi, United States)
" I'm getting readjusted to life in the USA, but I already miss Japan greatly. My eight months in Osaka were extraordinary--language fluency and a deep understanding of its cultiure have fueled my excitement about pursuing Japanese Studies at Cornell University this Fall and returning to Japan as soon as I can. THANK YOU, OGSHS!! "
(Sarah, Ohio, USA)
" The Japanese students in the USA were so quiet. Not at OGSHS! They are always laughing , sometimes loud and incredibly fun! They are always doing things--with me. My 4 months in Osaka is too short. Luckily, my fabulous host family will let me stay another month!"
(Hannah, a USA homeschooler)
" Dreams really do come true at OGSHS. Five years after leaving Osaka, I have returned from New Zealand to the same caring, supportive staff which has now unselfishly found me a place to live and work as a pre-school teacher. Contact me directly if I might help with your long-term, Japanese dreams. "
(Olivia, Christchurch, N.Z.)

Homeschoolers are whole-heartedly supported and encouraged to apply.


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International Academic Student Program - Study abroad, live with a Japanese family in Osaka, Japan

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